Having their own kitchens, Berwyns does not require The Olive Grows’ kitchens, but is making use of the refrigerated van share scheme, which is helping the company reduce its carbon footprint.

We’ve been using The Olive Grows’ shared van for deliveries three times per week. It helps us in a number of ways – firstly it means we don’t have to invest in an expensive refrigerated van ourselves. Secondly, sustainability and environmental responsibility are a crucial part of our business and sharing a van is a logical element of our green credentials.

Thirdly, we don’t have to worry about the maintenance of a van, or even filling it up with fuel… small but resource consuming things that are best delegated!

Hugo Shuttleworth, Director

As a result of this, Berwyns has recently been shortlisted for an Ecovate Green Business Innovators 2010 award.

As well as hiring the van, Berwyns makes use of The Olive Grows’ driver, meaning that Hugo can spend his time developing, selling and managing instead of being stuck in London’s traffic.