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Home News - Clever NPD collaboration works for two Olive Grows clients
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NPD partnerships can be a powerful strategy for small businesses

Two of our most successful retail sector clients G'Nosh and Crosta & Mollica launch a new dipping range



News October 2012

Gnosh NewDippablesOct2012smallTwo of our favourite clients, G'Nosh and Crosta & Mollica have collaborated to bring a new premium product to market in what is one of the benefits of working in the collaborative and supportive environment of The Olive Grows.

 The new dipping range combines a natural G’Nosh dip with hand-twisted rosemary, polenta and black olive grissini, baked by Crosta & Mollica, suppliers of regional breads.



“We’ve had really positive feedback since we launched G’NOSH dips. Customers have been asking for more flavours and a snacking solution for when they are on the move"    says G'Nosh founder Charlotte Knight

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The dipping range is a premium entrant in to the growing snacking and convenience market and demonstrates a clever approach to the sector by both these growing small businesses.

The collaboration between these two clients is beneficial on a number of levels:

  • Both clients are already suppliers to Ocado and this demonstrates to the retailer their commitment to exciting new product development
  • The NPD risk is shared, as is the positive process of ideas generation
  • Two companies, doubling up on marketing and PR
  • Each company has their own client base and so exposes the other's products to those prospective customers
  • Both product brands are prominent on the packaging, thereby increasing exposure of each



G’NOSH dippables will include two of the most popular G’NOSH dip flavours: Smoky Aubergine Babaghanoush and Sweet Black Bean.

The Crosta & Mollica grissini dippers have been baked to complement the fresh G’NOSH dips by a bakery near Turin in Piemonte using sourced local ingredients, including olives from Taggia and maize from Piemonte.

G’NOSH Founder, Charlotte Knight says

"Innovation and creativity is at the heart of the G’NOSH brand, and so the launch of dippables for gourmet-on-the-go is the perfect evolution of the range.

“We’ve included two of the most popular G’NOSH dips and excitingly added a third new flavour, Chickpea & Chipotle. Combined with the Crosta & Mollica bespoke hand-twisted grissini, G’NOSH dippables promise to revolutionise snacking on the go, with uncompromising premium ingredients.”

Crosta & Mollica Director, James Orr says

“We very much enjoyed working with our baker in developing a mini version of our very popular grissini and are sure that fans of Crosta & Mollica will be delighted to find our artisan grissini dippers in the G’NOSH dippables range.”

G’NOSH dippables are available at £1.89 RRP from national retailer Budgens, Booths and independent retailers nationwide including Wholefoods, Planet Organic from September through to the autumn.

The G'Nosh Range includes:

Smoky Roasted Aubergine Babaghanoush Dip is a Lebanese flavour: aubergine is roasted and blended with tahini, garlic, Greek yoghurt, parsley and lemon juice for a smoky flavour.

Sweet Black Bean Dip is made with protein rich black beans lifted with the sweetness of honey & caramelised onions, and combined with fresh lime and smoky chilli.

Smoky Chipotle Hummus is a textured dip, combining the taste of chickpea with the depth of smoked, chilli chipotle.

Using only handpicked ingredients and 100% free from preservatives and artificial flavourings, G’NOSH combines sociable food (that’ll be the NOSH), with gourmet (which is what the G stands for).


The Crosta & Mollica Range includes:

Pane di Altamura A thick crusted and golden crumbed durum wheat bread from Puglia which makes
the best bruschetta

Pane Toscano Tuscan bread made without salt and therefore having a light and fresh taste.  Delicious toasted and topped with savoury pates and spreads

Grissini, Linguetti, Crostinni, Bruschetinni ‘Ristorante’ stuzzichini are bread snacks that are made in small batches by artisan bakers using local ingredients