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Home News - Honestly Healthy launches delicious new book
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Honestly Healthy launches its first cookbook

Food with your body in mind, the alkaline way


News June 2012



HonestlyHealthyBookAnother Olive Grows client launches their cookery book.  This time it's Honestly Healthy, with head chef Natasha Corrett giving you tons of information on how to live a healthy, balanced, vegetarian, alkaline life with great tips on cleansing your body and over 100 recipes to play with.


honestly_healthy_logoWritten in conjunction with leading nutritional therapist and co-founder Vicki Edgson, the book is more than just recipes, it's a lifestyle guide promoting balanced and healthy living.




Honestly Healthy is evolving, and this book is a natural progression, launched as the demand for food that complements our hectic and "polluted" lifestyles grows.

Honestly Healthy is unequivocal in its aim, to make delicious food that puts the body first and improves the way our bodies function.  Some of the benefits of an alkaline lifestyle:

  • Improved digestion and absorption
  • Greater mineral content
  • Natural Weight Loss
  • Balanced Hormones
  • Improved immunity
  • Calm Mind
  • Improved Mood and self-perception
  • Increased Energy
  • Strong bones, teeth and nails
  • Greater concentration and memory